Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I was very busy trying to finish Christmas gifts, didn't actually finish them but I got close. I will post more on that soon!

In the past I have been horrible at keeping New Years Resolutions, but I am going to try again anyway!

  1. Get Healthy
    I want this to be both physically and mentally. To accomplish the physical aspect I want to focus on drinking more water and working out more consistently. Mentally I want to focus on the good things happening around me. I also want to keep a detailed health journal to track everything in one place. 

  2. Organize Everything
    I feel like I never truly organized after my last move. I need to take the time and organize everything. My computer also needs to be reorganized. 

  3. Read More
    Now that I don't have class material to read I would like to read more books. I have a list started on Goodreads, now I just need to put my Kindle to use. 

  4. 12 Months of Mittens
    I will discuss this project in a post soon! 12 Months...12 Different Mitten Patterns. 

  5. Continue Working Towards My Dreams
    The end of 2016 was pretty frustrating for me and I was thinking of changing my dreams completely. After going quote happy on Pinterest I was able to regroup and focus on what I really want to achieve.  
I will update on these soon! Some are planned to be more of a presents here than others!

Check back soon for an explanation of my blog title and Christmas gift reveal!

~ Katy 

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