Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bright Bags on Grey Days

It's been a few years since I have gotten a new everyday purse to use. The last one I got was a Chirstmas gift. It is a Vera Bradley Crossbody bag in Ellie Blue. I love it and still plan on using it, especially since Ellie Blue is one of my favorite patterns ever. With that bag being 3+ years old it was time to get a new one. 

Knowing that I love Vera Bradley bags and that they are good quality and last me quite a long time that was the first place I started. When I got to the website I started with the Sale tab and found so many options that I loved, including the one I ended up getting. 

I decided on the Tess Crossbody Bag. I got the color Wildwood Coastal Blue. It has gold hardware which is my metal color of choice.

I absolutely love the size and color of this bag.

I wear a lot of blues and navy so it will go with a lot of my clothes. I look forward to using this bag for several years to come. 

Originally the bag was $148.00, it is currently marked down on the site to $51.80. There is also a coupon code that may be applied at checkout currently (I don't know if it will apply to this or not). 

I love it and I'm so excited to used it!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fail: 12 Months of Mittens So Far

So I have been hardcore failing at 12 months of mittens. I have one mitten done for January and February and that's pretty much it. I started March's mittens a few days ago but also have a few other projects going which I need to have done by mid-April. 

January Snowflake Mittens
February Heart Mittens
Both of these sets of mittens only have one mitten done but hopefully I will find time to finish them in the next few months.

Again March's mittens are Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth

Photo by molliebatmit
For these mittens I am using Expression Fiber Arts Cozy Worsted Weight Yarn. I received the skein free as part of a promotion so unfortunately I do not know the color name. It also is not available on the site at this time.

Cozy Worsted by Expression Fiber Arts
I chose this color because it reminds me Aquamarine, which is the March birthstone. I also have really wanted to use one of the Expression Fiber Arts yarns I ordered and this was a fitting project

I am currently using size US 6 needles for the cuff and plan of switching to size US 7 as recommended in the pattern.

Keeping with my current pattern of only having one mitten done by the end of the month that is my current goal, with hopes to catch up on the other half of the mittens at some point in the year.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 Months of Mittens

While working on my New Years goals and resolutions I wanted to come up with something knitting related which could be both interactive and that I could use to help others. After thinking about it I came up with 12 months of mittens! I have chosen 12 adorable patterns some are free patterns and some are paid (noted with links to each). 

With the 12 mittens of the month I would like to make several pairs of classic mittens in various sizes to donate in December. Here is the classic mitten pattern I have used many times and love!

  1. Snowflake Mittens - in 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops - Book Only
  2. Heart Mittens - Free
  3. Eugenia's Mittens - by Mollie Woodworth - Free
  4. Windmill & Flower Mittens - in 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops - Book Only
  5. Zebra Mittens - by Esther Hartley - Paid Pattern
  6. Mittens with Leaves - Rahymah - Free
  7. Flutter Mittens - by Jenise Hope - Paid book or single pattern
  8. Fair Isle Mittens - Sandi Rosner for Crystal Palace Yarns -  Free
  9. Fox Mittens - Laura Poikolainen - Free
  10. Queen Owl Mittens - Barbara Giguere and Sandi Marshall - Free
  11. Mittens #512 - Nell Armstrong - Free
  12. Pine Mittens - Jenise Hope - Paid book or single pattern
It is a little difficult to find the 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops online right now. Check your local yarn stores! 

I will be getting most if not all of my yarn from my local yarn store! I you love your local (or closest) yarn store like I do support them! To find yarn stores close to me I use the Knitmap app (currently only on android 😢) but I have found stores by googling "yarn stores near me" with my GPS turned on. 

Please, please, please interact on these posts! I would love to hear how your projects are going! There may be a surprise in December if people interact on these posts! 

My January mitten post will be up tomorrow!

~ Katy

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I was very busy trying to finish Christmas gifts, didn't actually finish them but I got close. I will post more on that soon!

In the past I have been horrible at keeping New Years Resolutions, but I am going to try again anyway!

  1. Get Healthy
    I want this to be both physically and mentally. To accomplish the physical aspect I want to focus on drinking more water and working out more consistently. Mentally I want to focus on the good things happening around me. I also want to keep a detailed health journal to track everything in one place. 

  2. Organize Everything
    I feel like I never truly organized after my last move. I need to take the time and organize everything. My computer also needs to be reorganized. 

  3. Read More
    Now that I don't have class material to read I would like to read more books. I have a list started on Goodreads, now I just need to put my Kindle to use. 

  4. 12 Months of Mittens
    I will discuss this project in a post soon! 12 Months...12 Different Mitten Patterns. 

  5. Continue Working Towards My Dreams
    The end of 2016 was pretty frustrating for me and I was thinking of changing my dreams completely. After going quote happy on Pinterest I was able to regroup and focus on what I really want to achieve.  
I will update on these soon! Some are planned to be more of a presents here than others!

Check back soon for an explanation of my blog title and Christmas gift reveal!

~ Katy 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to Make Perfect Pom Poms

I absolutely love the look of pom poms and love to add them to many of my projects. I frequently add them to hats. I think they are fun to experiment with making them with different colors and textures of yarn to make each one unique. They can also be used in decorating. There are so many ideas out there if you look for them!

Card Board (I prefer Corrugated) 
Template (See Attached or any round object works well) 
Dental Floss (Optional, I like unflavored)

To start you will need to make a pom pom maker. To do this you will need to cut two identical circles out of card board with holes in the middle ( I also like to add a slit to one side to make winding the yarn easier). 

Cut a roughly 20 inch long piece of yarn or dental floss and set it aside for later. 

Hold both of your pom pom maker disks together with the slits lining up. 

Begin to wrap your yarn around the disks. Start at one end and work in layers to get an even pom pom. You do not have to wrap all the way to the edge of the disk. 

Keep Wrapping. Wrap yarn around the disks until there is very little room left. The more you wrap the better the pom pom. 

Once you have finished wrapping, take your scissors and start cutting the yarn placing your scissors between the two disks. 

Once you have cut all the way around wrap your yarn or dental floss (cut earlier) around the pom pom in between the two disks. 

TIE IT AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE. This is why I often use both dental floss and yarn, the dental floss secures it and the yarn hides the floss. If you are using chunky or bulky yarn or a roving style yarn the dental floss with help to keep a nice tight pom pom. 

Leave the extra yarn hanging to attack your pom pom to something or to make an ornament! 

After the center is tied you can remove the cardboard disks

Cut the edges of the pom pom for a smoother look, you may cut a little or a lot. Go slow so you don't start by taking off too much yarn you can always cut more later. 

Attach the pom pom to a desired project!

Here are some other project ideas to get you going! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Covert Knitter on Etsy + Bloglovin'

My goal between now and cyber monday is to add almost 100, yes you read that right one hundred, new listing to my Etsy Store. I have a lot of earring, necklaces and more bracelets being posted. Many of which are perfect for gift giving or to jazz up an outfit for a holiday party. 

The Pieces Shown Above Are: 

  1. Metal Bead Earrings
  2. Rose Crystal Swirl Bracelet
  3. Green and Yellow Beaded Bookmark
  4. Joy Zipper Pull
  5. Blue Swarovski Crystal and Glass Pearl Necklace
All of these peices will be listed by Monday Morning at 8 am EST.

I can now be found on Bloglovin

Happy Sunday
~ Katy

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Knitting Essentials

Over the years I have tried many different notions, some I have chosen myself and other which were from my mom and grandma. Through a lot of trial and error I have narrowed down a list of five of my favorite notions.
  1. Boye® Stitch Holders - Mittens are one of my favorite things to knit and I absolutely love these to hold the thumb stitches. 
  2. Clover Soft Stitch Ring Markers - I have tried many different types of markers and these are by far my favorite. They can be used with all types of yarns (even lace weight!) on most sizes of needles.
  3. Susan Bates® Steel Yarn Needles - I prefer metal yarn needles for finishing projects. For me it seems to glide better through the stitches making weaving in end easier. 
  4. Clover Knitting Counter, Kacha-Kacha -  These are my favorite type of row counter. So much so I have two, both of which are currently in use. I made a beaded lanyard on one of them (DIY coming soon!). 
  5. Brittany Needle Wax - I prefer to use wooden needles and I once worked with this horrible yarn which stained my needles purple. I talked to the owner of my local yarn store and she recomended using this needle wax to prevent color transfer and to polish sluggish needles. I LOVE it and a little bit goes a long way. 
These are five of my favorite knitting essentials! Comment what some of your essentials are!