Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Fives

Happy Monday! 

Last Weeks Favorites are: 

  1. Kindle Paperwhite - I have had mine for over a year and love it!
  2. Gone with the Wind - This is probably my favorite book ever! I am reading it for the third time on my Kindle. 
  3. Paca Paints Yarn - by The Alapaca Yarn Company (Find a retailer HERE).
  4. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm - This is also available in most stores. 
  5. Endless Weekend - by Bath and Body Works. I have been using this constantly. 
This weeks Goals: 
  • Make Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls
  • Coffee with a Friend who's in town this week
  • Find a new show on Netflix (I finished Bones...and have no idea what to do with myself) 
  • Paint my Nails
  • Find new food recipies 

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