Friday, March 24, 2017

Fail: 12 Months of Mittens So Far

So I have been hardcore failing at 12 months of mittens. I have one mitten done for January and February and that's pretty much it. I started March's mittens a few days ago but also have a few other projects going which I need to have done by mid-April. 

January Snowflake Mittens
February Heart Mittens
Both of these sets of mittens only have one mitten done but hopefully I will find time to finish them in the next few months.

Again March's mittens are Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth

Photo by molliebatmit
For these mittens I am using Expression Fiber Arts Cozy Worsted Weight Yarn. I received the skein free as part of a promotion so unfortunately I do not know the color name. It also is not available on the site at this time.

Cozy Worsted by Expression Fiber Arts
I chose this color because it reminds me Aquamarine, which is the March birthstone. I also have really wanted to use one of the Expression Fiber Arts yarns I ordered and this was a fitting project

I am currently using size US 6 needles for the cuff and plan of switching to size US 7 as recommended in the pattern.

Keeping with my current pattern of only having one mitten done by the end of the month that is my current goal, with hopes to catch up on the other half of the mittens at some point in the year.


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