Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to Make Perfect Pom Poms

I absolutely love the look of pom poms and love to add them to many of my projects. I frequently add them to hats. I think they are fun to experiment with making them with different colors and textures of yarn to make each one unique. They can also be used in decorating. There are so many ideas out there if you look for them!

Card Board (I prefer Corrugated) 
Template (See Attached or any round object works well) 
Dental Floss (Optional, I like unflavored)

To start you will need to make a pom pom maker. To do this you will need to cut two identical circles out of card board with holes in the middle ( I also like to add a slit to one side to make winding the yarn easier). 

Cut a roughly 20 inch long piece of yarn or dental floss and set it aside for later. 

Hold both of your pom pom maker disks together with the slits lining up. 

Begin to wrap your yarn around the disks. Start at one end and work in layers to get an even pom pom. You do not have to wrap all the way to the edge of the disk. 

Keep Wrapping. Wrap yarn around the disks until there is very little room left. The more you wrap the better the pom pom. 

Once you have finished wrapping, take your scissors and start cutting the yarn placing your scissors between the two disks. 

Once you have cut all the way around wrap your yarn or dental floss (cut earlier) around the pom pom in between the two disks. 

TIE IT AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE. This is why I often use both dental floss and yarn, the dental floss secures it and the yarn hides the floss. If you are using chunky or bulky yarn or a roving style yarn the dental floss with help to keep a nice tight pom pom. 

Leave the extra yarn hanging to attack your pom pom to something or to make an ornament! 

After the center is tied you can remove the cardboard disks

Cut the edges of the pom pom for a smoother look, you may cut a little or a lot. Go slow so you don't start by taking off too much yarn you can always cut more later. 

Attach the pom pom to a desired project!

Here are some other project ideas to get you going! 

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