Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Babies and Bears: Part 1

I few weeks ago I started working on a sweater for my aunt. When she was up visiting this past May she found a store sample sweater she liked and bought the supplies to make it. Since the weather is starting to cool off I started working on it. It was a slow start because I was finishing up some little projects for a craft sale.

Picture One: This is about three weeks of work

Picture Two: After four weeks

Picture Three: After about five weeks

The pattern is ; Babies' & Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups by Carol A. Anderson
The Yarn is: Paca Paints in 409 Emerald Isle (The Alpaca Yarn Company)
Alpaca Lace in 1419 Lake Chelan (Cascade Yarn)
These two yarns are being held together. 

I will follow up in a few weeks!
Happy Knitting!

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