Thursday, June 1, 2017

UFO Sighting!

For those of you who may not know, or may have ended up here by accident, a UFO in knitting is an Un-Finished Object. To this day I have never had this many at one time as I try to keep all my projects in the Work In Progress (WIP) phase. Well anyway I currently have four UFO as well as two work in progresses. I know to many people this may seem small but to me it is a lot and one of them is a rather large project. 

I have two pairs of mittens about half finished both of which are part of 12 Months of Mittens. 12 Months of Mittens has started out rough but will hopefully get better as the year progresses. 

January's Mittens 

I have yet to start the second snowflake mitten, and this mitten does not have a thumb.

February's Mittens

I have the cuff of the second mitten started neither have thumbs. I am planning on adding these back into my rotation soon. 

I also have the Raindrops & Rivulets hat started which hasn't been picked up or thought about in probably a month. It is a pretty pattern and the yarn is gorgeous but I got side tracked by other projects. 

For the March for Science I also did several of the cable version of the GENEie Hat pattern from ChemKnits. I was able to finish three of them but still have a few left. The one I have started is out of gorgeous teal 100% alpaca yarn.

Another hat which I believe I started last spring or summer that has never been completed is a Flower-Motif Benie. Thankfully I haven't needed the needles for another project because it has seriously been sitting for months.

I am also still working on the Babies and Bears sweater, I have both sides done. Now I need to Kitchener stitch the two halves together and add on a boader and coller. I has been very easy for me to get side tracked from this project because it is rather hard to see progression in the pattern.

My current plan is to limit the number of proejcts I start until I get some of these done. This has included some yarn buying freezes until I get certain projects done. So far it is working and I plan on updating on the projects I have finished soon.

~ Katy

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  1. Oh oh.... you are beginning to sound like me.