Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Reading List 2017

Happy first day of Summer! One of my favorite things to do on summer mornings is to sit outside and read. Every year I come up with a book list, which as always is overly ambitious and usually takes me into the fall to finish.

This year I have seven books picked out. All of which have been on my to read list (or reread) for quite awhile.

I have two classic books picked out. 
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald which was by far my favorite book I read for high school english. 
1984 by George Orwell which is a book I have always wanted to read. 

I have two mystery books, both of which my mom has read and liked which is how I found out about them. 
The Woman in the Photo by Mary Hogan
The Forgotten Room by Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willing

And of course my favorite type of book to read in the summer is girly books. I really enjoy books like this to break up more serious reading, which I frequently do. Girly books were pretty much the only type of book I read in college to break up the text book and journal paper reading. My choices for this summer are: 

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella - I absolutely love the Shopaholic Series so I am very excited for this book. 
The Unfortunates by Sophie McManus
Very Classy by Derek Blasberg

What are your reading plans for the summer?
~ Katy

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  1. So having just come back from New Orleans and a tour of the Garden District where I saw Anne Rice's former home, I'm going to reread the Witching Hour. Given the amount of time I have to read, I think it will take me a long time