Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Covert Knitter on Etsy + Bloglovin'

My goal between now and cyber monday is to add almost 100, yes you read that right one hundred, new listing to my Etsy Store. I have a lot of earring, necklaces and more bracelets being posted. Many of which are perfect for gift giving or to jazz up an outfit for a holiday party. 

The Pieces Shown Above Are: 

  1. Metal Bead Earrings
  2. Rose Crystal Swirl Bracelet
  3. Green and Yellow Beaded Bookmark
  4. Joy Zipper Pull
  5. Blue Swarovski Crystal and Glass Pearl Necklace
All of these peices will be listed by Monday Morning at 8 am EST.

I can now be found on Bloglovin

Happy Sunday
~ Katy

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Knitting Essentials

Over the years I have tried many different notions, some I have chosen myself and other which were from my mom and grandma. Through a lot of trial and error I have narrowed down a list of five of my favorite notions.
  1. Boye® Stitch Holders - Mittens are one of my favorite things to knit and I absolutely love these to hold the thumb stitches. 
  2. Clover Soft Stitch Ring Markers - I have tried many different types of markers and these are by far my favorite. They can be used with all types of yarns (even lace weight!) on most sizes of needles.
  3. Susan Bates® Steel Yarn Needles - I prefer metal yarn needles for finishing projects. For me it seems to glide better through the stitches making weaving in end easier. 
  4. Clover Knitting Counter, Kacha-Kacha -  These are my favorite type of row counter. So much so I have two, both of which are currently in use. I made a beaded lanyard on one of them (DIY coming soon!). 
  5. Brittany Needle Wax - I prefer to use wooden needles and I once worked with this horrible yarn which stained my needles purple. I talked to the owner of my local yarn store and she recomended using this needle wax to prevent color transfer and to polish sluggish needles. I LOVE it and a little bit goes a long way. 
These are five of my favorite knitting essentials! Comment what some of your essentials are!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Covert Knitter is Open on Etsy!!!

My Etsy store is officially open!!!! I have been working on it now for several weeks and finally got it open last night! I'm super excited about it and hope to be adding new items soon! 

I can be found by searching TheCovertKnitter on Etsy. 

Two of my favorite pieces listed are:

Please go check it out and favorite things so I know what to make more of!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Babies and Bears: Part 1

I few weeks ago I started working on a sweater for my aunt. When she was up visiting this past May she found a store sample sweater she liked and bought the supplies to make it. Since the weather is starting to cool off I started working on it. It was a slow start because I was finishing up some little projects for a craft sale.

Picture One: This is about three weeks of work

Picture Two: After four weeks

Picture Three: After about five weeks

The pattern is ; Babies' & Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups by Carol A. Anderson
The Yarn is: Paca Paints in 409 Emerald Isle (The Alpaca Yarn Company)
Alpaca Lace in 1419 Lake Chelan (Cascade Yarn)
These two yarns are being held together. 

I will follow up in a few weeks!
Happy Knitting!